Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Feeling under the weather

I haven't had a sore throat in yearssssss, but today it hit hard. With all the graduations and BBQs, somewhere in the mix my immune system checked out and I got sick. So now I'm stuck at home with nothing but time to kill.

Whenever I'm sick I <3 congee/porridge/jook (whatever you want to call it)
Have you tried this before? Love this stuff.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Thrift Haul

For Memorial day, many of the thrift stores around the area were having a 50% off sale. This included Savers, Thrift Town, and Gooodwill = SCORE! Here are the things I picked up during the sale. Majority of the clothing comes from Savers since that was the store I spent the most time in. 
Forever21 Size L

Acrylick Size M

Collecive Concepts Size M

Old Navy Size L
Can you tell I'm a lover of anything stripped?

Motherhood Maternity Size Small
Although this is made for Pregos, this didn't make me look like it. Instead it was just a little longer so it covered my butt, which is what I prefer so I can wear leggings underneath. 

Rosetti shoulder bag
This was hidden behind shoes on the floor. I'm so glad I went digging under the pile of mess. This is just up my ally in style. 

New York and Company Size Small
There was a drawstring missing but it's nothing I can't add. I kind of don't mind it being gone. These are a little tight in the butt area but perfectly loose in the knees.

Unknown Size Large
I believe this is a Target swim top because I have something similar in black. Since I'm not in the best of shape I prefer to cover my mid section while I go swimming


Salvator Ferragamo Size 38
I hit the motherload with this find. The lady was literally pushing a cart putting shoes on the shelf when I saw it and snatched it up. Honestly, I went for it because I needed some canvas shoes but when i read the label my mouth dropped wide open. My size?! how can this be? The thrifting gods were on my side that day. 

Old Navy Size L
A simple grey henley shirt to throw over a pair of jeans. As Thriftersanonymous would call it, this is a "get the crap out of the house" shirt.   

Columbia puff jacket size M
My friend found this jacket for me and surprisingly it fit like a glove. Since the weather doesn't permit a winter coat just yet, this will be hiding in the closet for a while. 

I had a fun filled 2 day shopping trip that cost me around $70. Can't wait to see what kind of outfits I can come up with with all my new finds. 

Did you go thrifting during Memorial day? If so what did you get?