Saturday, May 19, 2012


One day on a Saturday I decided to organize my makeup. What I thought was going to be a quick 15 minute job became a two hour project. Over the months, I've collected WAY too much crap for a normal person. That was when I decided to buckle down and follow through on a "project 10 pan" type of plan.

Here are the items I've chosen for the first round

Out of all this I believe the hardest things to finish are the Covergirl eyeshadow and mascara because I'm not a huge eye makeup person. More into face products like blush and foundation. I've almost hit pan on the Maybelline foundation!

From now on I will not buy makeup; with a few exceptions.
1. on clearence/sale/coupons that marks down to 75%
2. I ran out of something
3. Don't have it or in a certain color
4. Nail related/facial related not included
5. Every time something is finished. I will replace it with something in my stash. I WILL NOT BUY NEW MAKEUP.

Whew, hopefully you don't have this problem because now I can't try new products =/


  1. Good luck :) I recently started a project 30 pan and I am not allowed to buy ANY products what so ever until I use up 30 items.. phew I am being hard on myself hehe

  2. Yea, its ridiculous how much stuff I've collected. Almost disgusted with myself for spending so much money. Before I discovered Youtube, I only had a few things and I always used it up. But now whenever there is a good review from youtube, I ALWAYS have to go buy it. Luckily it has calmed down and now I have a leveled head.

    Good luck on the project 30 pan!

  3. Holy MOLY now that's challenging. Personally, I need to do this too. I have makeup that's stacking up waiting to be used too. :( I think you can do it, especially on the face products. :) Good luck.

  4. It is going to be a MAJOR challenge. Hopefully I make it through, but something tells me I'll relapse. This is where I wish I had a sister, who I could share all of it with. =/